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Technical Team

Ben Mason

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Ben is Internal Fire Risk Assessment Manager. With a background in property management, he moved into fire safety in 2015, becoming a Fire Safety Manager for a large residential…

Mark Wells

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Mark is a Facade Project Manager on the MAF Associates technical team, a crucial role as we work to inspect buildings right across the UK, ensuring they are safe…

Tom Whittaker

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Tom is a Chartered Engineer, a key role when it comes to complying with the guidelines laid down in the Fire Safety Act 2021. With 20 years’ experience in…

Samantha Crofts

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Samantha is our Trainee Facade Inspector, forming a key part of our remote site team. She travels up and down the UK in a van that’s loaded with the…

Richard Morris

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Richard is a Facade Engineer and Surveyor. Previously, he was employed as a Senior Project Manager with a leading window company, overseeing all project operations. He was also employed…