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Safeguarding people and places

MAF Associates is dedicated to making buildings safer, protecting lives and providing outstanding customer service. We specialise in Fire Risk Assessments, Consultancy Services, Fire Safety Consultancy and EWS1, making us one of the few companies in the UK with all of the knowledge, experience and certifications necessary to qualify fully with the provisions of the Fire Safety Act 2021.

MAF Associates conduct assessments on buildings of all types, from single dwellings to sports stadia, with a specialist focus on high-rise residential structures. We provide guidance on regulatory matters to major building manufacturers, installers and end user clients.

External Fire Risk Assessments
internal fire risk
Internal Fire Risk Assessments
Consultancy Services
fire safety
Fire Safety Consultancy
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Act One Fire safety service
1 July 2021
Act One Service Ensures Fire Safety Act 2021 Compliance
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1 July 2021
The Fire Safety Act Made Simple: What it is, what it says and what it means to you.
28 May 2021
The Road to Grenfell: A Disaster They Knew Would Happen

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